Printing from Personal Devices on Our Network

Our [PaperCut Print Server]( now allows users to manage their print jobs from a web browser. Users can log on to the server by clicking the above link in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. The login credentials are the same as the credentials to log in to the computer. ![]( Once in, users can print documents directly from the web portal. Select **Web Print** from the Menu on the left. ![]( Select **Submit a Job** on the right side of the screen. ![]( Select the printer you want from the list and press the **Print Options and Account Selection** button. **Note:** Not all printers will be available for Web Printing. Please submit requests for printers that are not listed. Not all printers are capable of using the PaperCut Web Print interface but we will attempt to provide the ones we can. ![]( Enter the number of copies needed and press the **Upload Documents** button. ![]( Users can either drag files from their computer to the window or select **Upload from Computer** to browse their computer for files to print. The Web Print server accepts most image files, PDFs and documents created in MIcrosoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Once the files are chosen, press the **Upload & Complete** button to send the job to the printer. ![](
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