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Frequent Issues

I've recently changed my name and want my account information to reflect that.

All teacher and staff account modification needs to go through the Human Resources office. Once your name has been legally changed and officially updated by Human Resources, they will notify the Tech Department to make the appropriate changes.

I'm new and need an account for email, the computer, Genesis, etc.

All initial teacher and staff account creation needs to go through the Human Resources office. When the HR office contacts technology, your email account will be created using the name that appears on your pay stub.

I am unable to log in to Frontline (Aesop, IEP Direct)

The method used to sign-in to Frontline has changed. In order to login using our Google Single-Sign-On navigate to the login screen: the service you wish to use (ie: Absence Management / Aesop)On the following screen select “Or Sign In with Organiza...

Opening Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel for the first time prompts user to Sign-In to One Drive

The newest version of Microsoft Office has built-in One Drive support which prompts the user to login or create an account when first opened. Important: Users do not need to create a One Drive account. Important: Users do not need to log in to use Microsoft Office. The "What's New" window opens ...

Chromebook Charger Models 2022-2023

2/6/8/11/12th Grade Lenovo 100e/Intel Chromebook ChargerMake: LenovoModel: 100E (Gen2+Intel)Part Number : 4X20M26252Specs: Lenovo 45W USB-C AC adapterMake: LenovoModel: 100E (Gen2)Part Number: (LI)42T5008Specs: 2 prong power cord1/3/4/5/7/9/10th Grade        Dell 3100 Chromebook ChargerMake: Dell...