How do I submit a ticket?

You can click the "+ new ticket" button in the top right corner to submit a ticket. You will be asked to choose a ticket type: - AV Event Setup: Requests for AV Equipment for event, shows and presentations should go here. eg: Plays, Awards Dinners, Outside Presenters. - AV Repair and Installation: Requests to have existing items repaired or new items installed should go here. eg: Projectors, Speakers, Microphones. - Computer Support: Requests for support of computer software and hardware. eg: Desktops, Laptops, iPads. - Student Account Creation: Requests for creation of new accounts for students entering after the year has started. eg: Google Drive. **NOTE: All initial teacher and staff account creation needs to go through the Human Resources office.** When the HR office contacts technology, your email account will be created using the name that appears on your pay stub. If you have an email account and have forgotten your password or are requesting an account for a different system, please enter a ticket. Depending on the Ticket Type you've chosen you will be asked for information needed to help the technicians better serve you. Most of this information is required to submit a ticket and is marked with an orange "!" All other information is optional and should be added on an as-needed basis. Please provided as much information as possible in as concise a manner as you can.
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