Google Takeout for Staff

Take your Google data with you before you leave the District of Summit.

Google Takeout allows you to archive and keep any information associated with your District account when you leave the district. Ideally, this process should be started a minimum of three weeks before your last day in District. Once you leave the district you will lose all access to your Google Account.

Below is some background information on what sort of data you will be archiving followed by step by step instructions.

Download Information

●Your archive link will be sent to your SUMMIT GMAIL ACCOUNT.

●Depending on how large your archive is, the link may take a few days to arrive in your inbox.

●Once your link is available, it will only be active for a few days.

●Download the zip file to your PERSONAL device.

File Type & Archive Size

●Be sure to select .zip & 2GB

●A .zip file condenses your files for easy download. You will then unzip the folder before re-uploading it to your personal/ new Google Drive.

●2GB file downloads will eliminate the possibility of your file size being too large which could prevent the archive email from sending properly or jeopardize your device’s ability to download the files.

1.Open your Chrome web browser and navigate to

2.Select which Google products you’d like data from by checking the box to the right of the Google product. (TIP: Click “Deselect all” and then select what you want.)

3.   Click “Next Step.”

4.   Select the following options for your Delivery Method.

5.   Click “Create export.”

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